Dwayne and Berrylynn Freeby

Dwayne’s background is all about his love of art. He has spent over forty years in advertising. He is an award winner for Sales and Marketing in San Diego County and Charleston, SC, and has worked with a multitude of award winning designers. He helped start his parents in the antique business in San Diego in the seventies. One of his loves has been buying, selling and trading art and antiques. Dwayne also has worked on murals, backdrops, in-flight magazine, and is an artist in his own right. Dwayne has been represented by galleries in the US and Grand Cayman. Dwayne has an extensive library collection on art and antiques for references.


Berrylynn’s career has been in sales and customer service, she retired from Nordstrom. In her spare time she does volunteer work. Berrylynn and Dwayne have been doing estate sales for years in the valley. Dwayne is very knowledgeable in art work, antiques, and collectibles.

Licensed, bonded and insured. Berrylynn is also a notary.



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